Bilge Support Arms

TTS Docking support arms can be incorporated into the TTS Transfer System, or be delivered as individual units to be placed, for example, in a drydock. The docking support arms consists of a basic cradle design with a keel blocks and hydraulically operated tilting arms. The tilting arms have wooden bilge blocks gimbaling at the end. This support conforms to the shape of the hull. During docking, the tilting arms rise and press on to the hull with a minor force of one metric tons, while they resist the force of 50 metric tons. When the ship is dry, the arm is secured with a bolt. The TTS Docking Support arms are operated from a mobile hydraulic power pack.

  • TTS Docking Suppport Arms can significantly increase your docking capacity by increasing the docking productivity
  • The systems saves human power and gives the ship an exact docking position

    Bilge Support Arms

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